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Journey Raw Dog Food draws on over 13 years of pet industry experience and is dedicated to optimal nutrition and canine health.

About Us

Journey Raw Dog Food draws on over 13 years of pet industry experience and is dedicated to optimal nutrition and canine health. Rooted in managing pet shops, grooming parlors, and volunteering at shelters, we identified the need for extraordinary products. Our philosophy prioritizes dogs’ evolutionary needs, offering an affordable, species-appropriate diet with human-grade ingredients.

Our Vision

As industry pioneers, our vision is to revolutionize canine nutrition, creating a world where every dog thrives on a species-appropriate diet, leading to optimal health and joy. Our long-term goal is to simplify raw feeding, offering a diverse range of concepts, from meats to natural treats, chews and supplements. Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond homes, to the welfare of strays because, at Journey, we believe that ALL DOGS DESERVE BETTER.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to redefine canine nutrition, prioritizing the well-being of our four-legged friends. Through meticulously crafted, species-appropriate raw dog food featuring premium, human-grade ingredients, we aspire to elevate dogs' health, vitality, and longevity. Going beyond products, we are dedicated to guiding and empowering pet parents in their journey to nurture happy, healthy companions.

We start with fresh ingredients and end with fresh dog food

We offer exceptional dog food, rooted in science, to deliver essential nutritional solutions with unmatched quality, based on dogs’ natural digestive power.

100% natural farm raised poultry, beef & fish

Fiber packed garden veggies and antioxidant-rich fruits

A complete food that gives taste and nutrition

What makes us different makes your dog stronger

Real Food

Human-grade meat and veggies in simple recipes, made for dogs.

Variety for balanced nutrition

Three basic meats—buffalo, chicken, and fish; and a lot more to come in the near future.

Made Fresh

A complete food that is made fresh so your dogs love it and get the best nutritions.

Species Appropriate

Rich in meat, bones, and organs, acknowledging dogs' digestive similarity to their wild ancestors.

Get your dog a food that it will love to eat

The selected ingredients and standardized process, makes sure what we produce is best for your dog.

Our "Journey"

Journey Raw Dog Food is the brainchild of Sagar Badakere, an ardent dog lover. He brings his passion and commitment to dogs right to your home and into their food bowls. After a long and exciting career in pet shops, grooming parlors and volunteering at shelters, Sagar shifted his complete attention to canine health and well-being. He recognized a need, a product that goes beyond the norm, and set out to create something that’s healthy, nourishing and meets a dog’s dietary requirement.
Thus began his Journey to understand a dog’s dietary needs and discover better ways to provide for it. He stepped into the pet food industry and realized the immense benefits of raw food for pets. He spent 9+ years in the pet industry, studying, researching, and delving deep into the business. The result is a delicious product that has been crafted with love and care and provides your furry companion with the best nutrition that is perfectly aligned with their evolutionary needs.

Our first beneficiaries of Journey Raw Dog Food

Meet Caesar, the vibrant 9 years old Rottweiler, and Milo, the forever young 9 years old Jack Russell Terrier.

Both have been on a raw food diet since they were 6 months old. Caesar has visited the vet just a few times, mostly for injuries and once for tick fever (from which, he recovered in 10 days) and Milo has never visited the vet since he’s been on a Raw diet. This showcases the remarkable impact a Species Appropriate Raw Diet has had on their health and vitality.

Health Benefits

Smaller & Less Smelly Stools

Skin & Coat Improvement

Reduction in Allergies

Immune System Support

Improved Joint & Bone Health

Optimum Mental Enrichment

Dental Health Benefits

Good Energy & Vitality

Right Weight Management

Reduced Body


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to feed my pet raw meat?

Yes, dogs are naturally meant to eat raw food diets. Their digestive tracts are shorter and their stomachs have a much higher acidity level than humans. This makes it easier for them to digest and thrive on a raw diet.

Should I cook the raw food before I feed it to my pet?

No. Once food is cooked, it loses most of its nutritional value including enzymes and biologically active essential fatty acids. Furthermore, many minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins become indigestible after cooking.

How often should I feed my pet?

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner is a human concept. No animal in the wild hunts three times a day. As long as their daily nutritional requirements are fulfilled, dogs can be fed twice or even once a day.

At what age can I start raw feeding for my dog?

There is no wrong age to begin feeding raw. Younger dogs will transition faster and older dogs may take a while as their body adjusts to digesting raw nutrition.

Can I mix kibble and raw?

Let me ask you this. If we go on a diet of fruits, vegetables, salads, etc. would we eat a pizza or a burger along with it, and still expect the same benefits from the diet? You must remember that raw feeding is a diet and needs to be followed diligently if you wish your dog to enjoy all its benefits. That being said, any amount of a natural raw diet along with kibble, will be more beneficial than a 100% kibble based diet. We must strive to do the best we can and the best we can afford for our furry babies.

Raw food contains bacteria. Should I be worried?

Dogs, cats and other carnivores in the wild have been eating raw meat for millions of years and they are well equipped to deal with bacteria of all kinds. Their saliva contains Lysozyme, an enzyme that helps destroy harmful bacteria. Their gut is also designed to handle raw food and the associated bacteria.

Is handling raw food hygienic?

All our recipes are made using the same human-grade ingredients as our own food. Just as you would follow certain hygiene protocol while handling your food, you must do the same when feeding your dogs raw. Wash your hands with soap after handling the meat, thoroughly wash the chopping board and cutlery, wipe down the kitchen counter after thawing the food, etc.

How often should I de-worm my dog?

Vets recommend deworming dogs every three months. But do dogs and wolves in the wild get administered de-worming medicines? No. A raw-fed dog’s gut is highly acidic and this naturally helps them to control intestinal worms. We also add pumpkin seed powder to our recipes which works as a natural dewormer. I have not de-wormed my own dogs in the last 8+ years.

Do I need to add supplements?

If you rotate meats regularly while feeding a raw natural diet, you don’t need to add any store-bought supplements. You may choose to give natural supplements, such as golden paste, bone broth, krill oil, eggs, etc., but it’s not necessary. Please do check with us if you have any specific supplement you’d like to feed your dogs.

Choose the right food for your dog


Buff Meat, Buff Heart, Buff Tongue, Buff Kidney, Buff Liver, Fruits, Veggies, Bone Powder, Egg Shell Powder, Chicken Feet, Seeds, & Herbs.

Chicken RECIPE

Chicken Muscle Meat, Bones, Chicken Hearts, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Liver, Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken Feet, Seeds and Herbs.


Chicken Muscle Meat, Whole Fish, Bones, Chicken Hearts, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Liver, Fruits, Veggies, Chicken Feet, Seeds, and Herbs.

What our customers say about us

As a Canine Nutrition Consultant and Herbalist, I advocate for the nutritional benefits of raw feeding for dogs. I’ve personally experienced the excellence of Journey’s raw food for both my dogs - not only does it arrive promptly, but it also adheres to the ideal proportions for the BARF diet. The palatable taste ensures that dogs not only receive nourishment but also enjoy their meal.

(Canine Nutritionist)

Milo, my 3 year old Golden Retriever always looks forward to his meal time and that’s thanks to the raw food that I have been feeding to him from Journey. I am pleased not only that he relishes his food but also the impact this had in his overall health, from boosting his energy levels to having lustrous healthy coat. Sagar and his team have been very prompt in making sure I never run out of stock.


Dobby (10 yo Beagle), and Arya (8 yo Indie-mix) have been on Journey since its inception, and they have been happy and healthy. They have been on raw meat diet for around 7 years now, and we’re happy to have made the switch to Journey. The service & deliveries are prompt & great. No complaints at all.


Complete nutrition and convenient food for dogs. Can be stored easily and there’s barely any preparation involved. Overall, a great experience.


Initially I used to source it myself but post discussion with Sagar realized that my mix of ingredients were not proportional to the puppies need. Then I shifted to Premixed Raw. The "Journey" has been great. After that the poop of both my puppies has been consistently in good shape. Their body structure has been in good shape. They are really enjoying the food. Thanks to Sagar. All the best.


When Peabo, my Golden Retriever, started eating Journey's Raw Dog Food, everything changed for the better. Previously, Peabo frequently fell ill, but since switching to Journey, his vet visits have drastically reduced. This is a clear sign of the food's quality and its positive impact on his health. Journey's service is as impressive as their product. Their reliable and convenient deliveries bring top-notch meals straight to our door. Peabo's excitement at meal times says it all - he absolutely loves it. Thanks to Journey, Peabo is healthier, more energetic, and his coat is shinier than ever. A big thank you to Sagar and the Journey team for improving Peabo's quality of life with your exceptional food and service!


My dogs have been on Raw diet for the last 3.5years. Switching to Journey has been a best decision. The meals are extremely fresh, loaded with veggies. Its also pocket friendly and the service provided by Sagar and team is very good. I recommend Journey to all the pet parents out there.


Can't express adequately in words how thankful I am to Sagar for starting his own raw food line Journey . Besides delivering quality food Sagar is ever willing and patient to listen , guide and suggest what Lola our 3 year old Goldie would like and benefit by way of nutrition . The raw food is nutritionally balanced with seasonal veggies and fruit which Lola gobbles and is always wanting more . The prompt delivery is a huge bonus in ensuring we never run out of food for Lola .A huge thank you to you all at Journey' who make life easier for us pet owners so we can give our furry babies the best !



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